What's up buddy? It's me

Tawhidur Rahman Dear


Tawhidur Rahman Dear


Hi, I am Dear. I am a human being - just like you. I was born on this planet Earth.

My passion is 'Constitutional Law, State Policy, Political Strategy' - and obviously that's my super skill.

Although my profession is totally different. For living, I make Android app and WordPress PlugIn. I have been working as Web Developer since 2001.

If you are interested to know a little more about me, read below ...

🌟 Name: Dear
⭐ Full Name: Tawhidur Rahman Dear
🎂 Birth date: 6 September 1983

😎 Hobbies :
Gardening, Reading Books and Wikipedia, Watching Movies

💬 Mother Language : Bangla
💬 Second Language : English

👧 Mother : Salma Akhter Sheuly
👨 Father : Abul Basher Shinha
👪 Sibling, wife, children : No one

Most Favorite Movies :
🎬 Mudhalvan (Political Thriller starred Arjun Sarja) Released in 1999 in Tamil language
🎬 Agent Vinod (Spy Thriller starred Saif Ali Khan) Released in 2012 in Hindi language
🎬 Titanic (Romantic movie starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio) Released in 1997 in English language
🎬 2012 (Science Fiction, directed by Roland Emmerich) Released in 2009 in English language

📏 Height: 5' 7" (1.70 M)
😞 Biggest sorrow of my life: I'm not 6 feet tall.

🏫 Favorite Cartoon Character: Meena
🦸‍♂️ Favorite Super-Hero: Iron Man (Only from Iron Man 2008 movie)

😋 Food behavior: Most favorite food is Tandoor bread with Fried Egg or Chicken Casserole or Grilled Buffalo or Mixed Vegetables. I love fruits and all types of Dessert Items. My favorite beverage is Coconut water and Spirulina juice.

I never smoke or consume alcohol or drink coffee. I hate drugs. I dislike fish, although I eat sometimes. I try to avoid cholesterol items like Junk foods, extra oil, fried rice, animal lever or brain etc. I have allergy problem, so I always avoid Beef, Duck, Soy sauce, Basella alba, Okra, Pumpkin, Eggplant, Taro, Tofu, Tofu flower’s honey, Ragi, Capsaicin, Alfalfa sprouts, Goitrogens, Phytoest Strogens, Phytates, Rohu fish, Reef fish, Fugu fish, Hilsha fish, Oyster, Crab, Shrimp, Prawn or Lobster.

🎨 Favorite color: depends on dress, or situation, or content. Color Contrast matters too. For example, I prefer black for hair, green for tree leaves.

👟 Favorite outfit: Full sleeve Shirt and Jeans with Sneakers or Loafers; Plus Jacket in Winter.

♙Favorite sport: Chess